Sunday, February 7, 2010

WatchMate as a GPS Repeater

All Class B AIS transponders include a built-in GPS but it's essentially useless to you unless you can display the information from it. So it of course makes sense to have the AIS WatchMate display your GPS position, course and speed. It has always routed this information out it's NMEA port for connection with other displays or a computer, but up until recently it didn't display it directly on its own screen.

A few customers have also suggested this too, so it's now there....

This means you don't have to switch on another GPS, chart plotter or computer to get your current navigation information. A real nice thing when power consumption is important. It also allows you to use the transponder's built-in GPS as your primary GPS rather than a secondary one.

If you've got an AIS WatchMate and want this feature, you can upgrade the firmware. To do this, visit the upgrades section our website.

Note: The WatchMate-RX has always had this feature.

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