Friday, February 25, 2011

New, Unique WatchMate Anchor Watch Feature

If you haven't heard we recently announced a new feature for the
WatchMate 850, 750 and 670. The WatchMate now enables you to mark where you dropped anchor and sounds an alarm if your vessel moves outside a preset circle, allowing you to relax with the knowledge that you will be notified if your boat begins to drift outside the set radius.

The unique Anchor Watch screen allows you to view and manage all your Anchor Watch settings. The screen displays;
  • The bearing from your vessel to the marked anchor location
  • The distance between your vessel and the marked anchor location.
  • The periodic position of your vessel shown as dots indicating how your vessel has been moving while anchored.
If you would like to upgrade your existing WatchMate 750 or 670 with this new Anchor Watch feature visit our Support page and fill in the Firmware upgrade form. Sorry this feature is not available for the older WatchMate 650 product.

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