Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Parution des produits AIS WatchMate de Vesper Marine en version Francaise :::: French Language Option For WatchMate

Great news for those customers who have been waiting for us to release our French language version of WatchMate’s. The French language option is now available for the three WatchMate products (Transponder 850, Receiver 750 and Display 670).

We began shipping the new version in May. To check if your device has the French language option turn it on and press the
Menu button, select Setup then select Preferences, select Choose Your Language and if your device has the option you will see French as an option.

If you don’t have this option the latest firmware is available to download free on our website at Once you have got the latest firmware installed you will be able to follow the steps above to change your language to French.

Enjoy... or in French....profiter

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