Friday, September 7, 2012

Comparing & Selecting the Right AIS Transponder

We have compared two dedicated AIS Transponders with their own display (Icom MA-500TR & WatchMate 850)

When comparing consider how you will;


Remove the AIS screen clutter that you get on chart plotters

....and eliminate the unwanted AIS alarms that many systems generate.

In a previous blog (here) we wrote about the issue of clutter on chart plotters and how presentation of AIS information on chart plotters is not always useful especially when in highly congested waterways.  In summary it is about making the right choices for the type of boat you have, the location and distances you will be voyaging and in some cases the experience and number of crew you have.

The AIS Transponder comparisons below look at the WatchMate 850 and  Icom MA-500TR and highlight some of the key differences:

Our desire to make AIS information easy to use has lead us to develop the very unique WatchMate range of AIS displays that are unequaled when it comes to filtering the AIS clutter from displays and eliminating unwanted AIS alarms that only add frustration to your boating experience.  See this in action by watching the video here

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